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Domination and Subordination by Jean Baker Miller

In the chapter Domination and Subordination by Jean Baker Miller, Jean discusses temporary inequality and permanant inequality. Within her explanataion of permanant inequality, Jean discusses the dominant groups. She explains that when a group is defined as inferior, they tend to be labeled as deffective or less inteligent. I completely agree with Jean in that inferior groups are often put down and lowered by labels. I also believe these labels have to do with stereotypes based on race and gender. Continuing with defining superior and inferior groups, she explains what she feels define a subbordinate group and that, “Acceptable roles typically involve providing services that no dominant group wants to perform itself (for example, cleaning up the dominant’s waste products).” Although it is easy to assume that inferior groups based on race and gender take subordinate jobs, I disagree with Jean. I believe that although there are some cases in which people from inferior groups take inferior jobs that are not as highly, there are many more cases of inferior groups taking higher importance jobs. If you walk into a hospital, you can see plenty of different races and both women and men doctors, nurses, and therapists. If you go to court, plenty of judges are white, black, asian, armenian, you name it and there is a judge of that race, both male and female. Among these examples is Obama being elected President, Condoleezza Rice being the secretary of state, and David Wu being a congressman. 

Yes, Jean does make a valid point that inferior groups are often labeled as deffective and lacking in some way, but I completely disagree with her beliefe that inferior groups take inferior jobs. Some examples of these could be a trashman or a janitor. Although there are cases of inferior groups taking these jobs and roles, there are plenty examples of inferior groups taking on highly thought of positions and jobs such as doctors, judges, congressmen, and even the President of the United States. 

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